RAW for the Oceans

This is pretty cool:

Dutch fashion label G-Star Raw has collaborated with Bionic Yarn to create a line of demin and apparel made from plastic taken from the oceans [Figure 1]. Named RAW for the Oceans, the line is headed by the multi-talented Pharrell Williams, who is not only the Curator and Co-designer of the project, but is also the Creative Director of Bionic Yarn, the company that creates the specially devised yarn used to make the garments.

The interactive RAW for the Oceans website (click here) features videos and links aimed at raising awareness of the fragile state of our oceans and our responsibility to protect them.

Figure 1. ARC 3D tapered jeans for women by RAW for the Oceans. The garment is made from "the first Bionic Yarn denim" (RAW for the Oceans)

The yarn used to make the garments comes in two varieties, both of which comprise recycled PET plastic fibers [Figure 2]. HLX is composed of 40% of recycled PET plastic fibers with the rest made up of a core (which determines the strength and stretchability of the yarn) and an outer wrap that can be either natural of synthetic depending on the purpose of the yarn. The second yarn, DPX, is similar to HLX but doesn't contain a core so that it may be used for knit fabrics, not just woven ones.

Figure 2. The two yarns produced by Bionic Yarn: HLX (left) and DPX (right) (Bionic Yarn)

The process behind making the yarn is fascinating: plastic is taken from the oceans and is broken down into chips, which are then turned into fiber. This fiber is then spun into core yarn and is then wrapped with either an outer wrap (for HLX) or cotton (to create DPX). The new Bionic yarn is then weaved or knitted into fabrics used to make the garments (Bionic Yarn Manufacturing).

It's such a good idea and one I hope continues to develop and expand through the fashion world and beyond!

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